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Lightning Fast Removal
of Viruses, Bacteria & Odour

All Day Defence

against H1N1, Influenza, Formaldehyde, cigarette smoke, and more

Largest Area Coverage
at 1,076 sqft (100 sqm)

World’s Strongest Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR)

Powered by the world’s first 8 fan wheel smart mode, with a CADR of 870m3, ECOM 030+ delivers clean and odour-free air to you faster than most leading brands.

Odour? No More.

Purify a large space in minutes. ECOM 030+ effectively rids your spaces off
durian odour, garbage stench, cooking smells, tobacco scent, pet musk, and more. Fast.

Don’t Believe It? Watch ECOM 030+ in Action Here:

Largest Area Coverage

Covering a whooping *100 Square Metres, ECOM 030+ is the only air purifier you would need to cover your entire home.

*1 device can purify the space in most 5-bedroom flats in Singapore

Eliminates 99.998% of Harmful Particles

The Primary Anti-Bacterial Filter eliminates dust, spores, and other particles larger than PM2.5.

Our 12m High-Density HEPA Filter traps smaller particles down to 0.1 microns, such as soot, pollen, allergens. An additional filter, the Negative Ioniser, attracts and traps particles that pass through previous filters via electrostatic attraction.

Patented ClO₂ technology ensures all-day defence from H1N1, Influenza, formaldehyde, cigarette smoke, and more.

Well-loved by Celebrities, CEOs, Families, Businesses & More

Efficient filtration system to give a peace of mind
I've installed my ECOM® 030+ in many places. My wife is intending to get more! In our PropNex office, you may see several of this ECOM® 030+. These come with an efficient filtration system to give a peace of mind for our staff and salesperson and even clients who visit our office.

Mohamed Ismail Gafoor,
Propnex CEO

Protects our little ones from harmful bacteria and smoke!
We hope that ECOM 030+ can protect our little ones from the harmful bacteria and smoke!


Decided to gift an ECOM Air Purifier
I decided to gift Ernsports an ECOM® 030+ Air Purifier because they have many students attending lessons & have a high traffic of people coming in & out, some with parents waiting for their kids as young as 5-6 years old, or customers coming in to shop.

Patricia Mok (@patdevogue)
Singaporean Actress

For Cancer Survivor
I got ECOM® 030+ for cancer survivor Hock Chuan because he can't breathe well. It senses that there's cigarette smoke and pollutants so it's works extra hard, and after a while, it will just quiet down after eliminating the pollutants.

Wan Choon Keat,
Interior Designer

NDP 2021 & 2022
Ecom 030+ is the official Air Purifier for NDP 2021 & 2022, protecting all installations at NDP by providing fresh bacterial free air. Trusted, effective & efficient. NDP’s preferred brand.

NDP 2021 & 2022,

Air definitely feels fresher
Bought our first unit for our admin office usage during 2021 August National Day promo, works well. The air definitely feels fresher now, and we can see how much dust is captured in each of the filter layers.


Keeps our family safe and happy.
Thank you Ecom 030+ for keeping our family safe and happy! With this Ecom 030+ Professional Air Purifier, our little one can sleep soundly and in peace.

New Father

Unreservedly Feature Packed

Lightning Fast Removal
of Viruses, Bacteria & Odour

Lightning Fast Removal
of Viruses, Bacteria & Odour

Lightning Fast Removal
of Viruses, Bacteria & Odour

Intelligent Humidification
Can detect room's humidity level, automatically stops when water pocket is dry.

Negative Ion
Attracts and traps particles via electrostatic attraction.

Global Compliance
The Ecom 030+ is FDA registered, CE marked, certified by CQC, PSE & IEC, giving you peace of mind when it comes to product safety and environmental protection.

Breathe Healthy Today

Global Compliance:

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Official Air Purifier for NDP 2021 & 2022

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